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Wabi-Sabi Flower Arrangement Genesis

I’m Taka and I’m a Japanese artist. I entered the world of contemporary art at the age of 30 after working as a designer.


My life to this date has been full of unique experiences, which gave me many inspirations.

The most striking and tragic experience was the accident I had at 16. At that time, my dream was to become a professional freestyle ski player, but during the practice I had a tumbling accident. It was a serious injury that paralyzed me from the shoulders downwards.  I suffered a lot. But perhaps it may not be as harsh as the incidents that others are struggling with.


I was born and raised in a family of farmhouse in the countryside. I didn’t really have any special talents, I wasn’t living in an environment that set me apart from others, but I committed myself to take on challenges on a daily basis. It was the same with creating art. It’s absolutely crucial for me to have the help of my friends to give shape to my ideas and inspiration.

My life itself, and my artistic activities, are all thanks to the support and love of my friends.


Wabi-Sabi Flower Arrangement is an artwork that represents the challenges in my life, and the hope that I will overcome them.

Injuring the cervical spine was truly a tragedy, but now that I’ve developed the mindset to face the challenges in my life, looking back, I believe that it was “the perfect accident.” It was a seed of the flower, a trigger that allowed me to experience the fortunate events to come, nourished with the love and support of the people around me.

I thought that the rain was pouring down hard on me, but in fact it was a blessing. The seed will eventually sprout, grow and a flower will bloom. Maybe that day will come one day much further in the future. Until that day, my challenges and adventures will continue.


As a Japanese person, I’m very fond of the spirit of Wabi-Sabi, and I built my work upon this concept, overlapping it with my life experience.

It is a spirit that finds beauty in things left behind and even in things that have decayed over time, things that people do not usually pay much attention to. I prefer to focus on the beauty of a single flower rather than the aesthetics of luxury. In order to appreciate the beauty of the whole, it is necessary to know the beauty of the individual. I’m also trying to create a cultural fusion by crossing such an ancient Japanese spirit with the rose that represents the compassionate heart of Mother Mary. 


In this NFT project, I’ve created artworks that express my message coming from my own life experience, while sharing with you the very simple theme of “challenge and success.” I’ve learnt many things from the accident and difficulties, and also received so much love from the people around me. That experience has been a learning experience that shaped who I am today, and enjoy the pleasures of life. I believe that it will continue to do so in the future. 

May I share the love I have received with you.

I hope your lives are enriched by the challenge you may experience.


中投立赢成立于2014年2月,是一家以资产管理为主的专业投资机构。公司于2015年9月获得中国证券投资基金业协会《私募投资基金管理人登记证明》。 新加坡火星资源投资有限公司成立于2017年,在新加坡共和国注册和运营。公司主营金融科技和电子商务,互联网软件开发。火星公司在大宗商品,区块链和互联网行业深耕多年,投资多家初创企业。2021年投资的无聊猿猴平台,创造了4个月50倍的收益率奇迹。 广州中投立赢私募证券投资基金管理有限公司和新加坡火星资源投资于2022年11月8日达成战略合作意向,未来在金融科技等领域展开深入合作。