demo game

Use the space bar or just click start to avoid obstacles, touch any obstacles the game to end, and those players with a score greater than or equal to 100 can get AMT bonus points 1:1. #In order to receive AMT your eth account need to be hold at least 10000 AMT.#

The link to open an AMT wallet is as follows, send your AMT wallet address to the customer service in the lower right corner to register and screen copy you points to receive.

Daily AMT claim limit is 20000 AMT.

The final interpretation right belongs to the AMT.LAND team



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To earn game rewards, you need to hold 10000 AMT

Please submit your score using the above contact form. Once our backoffice team has verified your score, you will receive AMT shortly.

Find hidden items to get $AMT each 100 score = 1 $AMT

Soldier Attack to get $AMT each 100 score = 1 $AMT